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Calhoun Mulch

7740 Boydton Plank Road, Alberta, VA 23821  (434) 949-7244

About Us

Calhoun Mulch was established in 2005 specializing in hardwood and colored mulch sales.

Our raw material comes directly from timber harvesting operations and local sawmills. Our mulch does not contain landfill or waste material.

Located in Alberta, VA we serve customers in Virginia and North Carolina. Our experience and commitment to quality allows us to offer some of the best hardwood and colored mulch in the

Calhoun Mulch is equipped with mobile grinders and screeners. Coupled with Calhoun Timber, we can perform site clearing jobs for construction, solar, and right-of-ways.

Calhoun Mulch utilizes the fleet of over 30 trucks from Calhoun Enterprises, Inc. for all its hauling needs to ensure timely deliveries and quality customer service.

Calhoun Mulch has become an icon in the mulch industry and we stand ready to serve the needs of the area for generations to come!







Benefits of Mulch

  • Mulching around tree trunks can help prevent injury to the tree by mowers and other trimmers.
  • Mulch serves as an insulation blanket to the ground, keeping soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Applying a layer of mulch to plants can hinder certain diseases.
  • Mulching provides a uniform, well maintained look for plants.

Tip: All dyed mulch needs time to dry in the landscape setting prior to rainfall or irrigation. Drying time varies due to weather conditions. Minimum of 8-24 hours recommended.

Where to Mulch

  • Mulch should be applied to new plantings because it aids in moisture conservation of the new plant until the roots have grown into the surrounding soil.
  • The amount of growth and livelihood of the plants increase when there is no competition for water and nutrients from weeds.
  • Mulch should be applied to the entire beds of trees, shrubs, annual plants, herbaceous perennials and other ground covers.
  • Mulch may also be used to cover areas such as trails, playgrounds and natural areas.

Top Soil

Consist of a native soil material that has passed ½” screens.


We sell McGill Soil Builder product.

Playground Mulch

Certified playground mulch. All natural hardwood which adheres to IPEMA guidelines.

Yes, we can deliver. 

Order your favorite mulch, top soil, and compost (8-yard minimum).

Our Team

Brian Calhoun

Equipment Maintenance

Buck Calhoun

Vice President

Sarah Jane Calhoun


Michael Sullivan

Custom Service / IT

Trish Mahaney

Administrative Assistant

Employment with Calhoun Mulch

At Calhoun Mulch we view our employees as our most valuable asset. We recognize that the skill, dedication and enthusiasm of our team is critical to our success. If you are interested in becoming part of this organization, download the respective PDF below and return by fax, mail, or in person.

Calhoun Mulch, Inc.  7740 Boydton Plank Road, Alberta, VA 23821 (Fax: 434-949-0402)