Timber Information

Calhoun Timber, Inc., located in Alberta, Virginia, is a full service forest management company serving Southside Virginia and Northern North Carolina. Our company was founded with the goal of helping landowners realize the potential of their timberland properties and achieve their management goals. We offer combined professional forest and wildlife experiences with extensive knowledge in timber markets, timber harvesting, land management, and wildlife management. Please explore our site to find out how we can help you with your timber harvesting needs.


Specialized Services:

  • Thinning – Thinning is the removal of dead and small trees thus allowing larger trees more space for growth and nutrients. It changes the environment of the forest and increases the penetration of light and availability of moisture and nutrients in the land.

  • Select Cutting – Select cutting is harvesting certain species or sizes of trees in a given site. Selective harvesting promotes the following:Clear Cut – Clear cutting is a method of removing all trees from a site in preparation for replanting stands of certain tree species.
    •  Encourages species diversity
    •  Protects the ecosystem
    •  Prevents soil erosion and runoff in rivers and streams
    •  Improves wildlife habitats
  • Whole Tree Chipping – Whole tree chipping is a highly mechanized harvesting system in which trees are cut and chipped, then blown into trailers, and used for boiler fuel. Economically, whole tree chipping leaves behind a cleaner forest stand.

Other Specialized Services We Offer:calhoun-timber-43

  • Reforestation 
  • Spraying
  • Prescribed burning
  • Timber Management
  • Timber Appraisals